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The initiative to a Baltic-Link corridor was taken in 1998 within a project called SEBTrans, which was carried out within the Interreg II C EU programme.The continuation project became SebTrans Link within the European programme Interreg III. Leading up to this present Motorways of the Sea project. 
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Visit the web sites for the SEBTRANS and SEBTRANS-LINK projects to find detailed information about the aims and goals of the projects, as well as the result.
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Regional Council of Southern Småland
Per-Olof Löfberg
+46 470-415 74
+46 733-76 85 91
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   Final Conference on Stena Vision 2013-10-25 !
   Final Technical meeting in Alvesta 2013-10-24
   Nordic Rail 2013
   Management Board meeting in Trieste 2013-09-11
   Steering Committee meeting in Portoroz 2013-05-17
   Market Player Seminar 3, Adriatic Event in Portoroz 2013-05-16
   Management Board meeting in Gdynia 2012-09-12
   MoS Coordination meeting in Gothenburg 2012-05-23
   Steering Committee meeting in Budapest 2012-05-11
   Market Player Seminar 2, Baltic-Adriatic Event in Budapest 2012-05-10
   Transport Week 2012, Gdansk
   Management Board meeting in Warszawa 2012-02-03
   TEN-T & MoS Seminar in Warszawa 2012-02-02
   Management Board meeting on Stena Vision 2011-12-05
   Market Player Seminar 1, Baltic Event in Karlskrona 2011-09-08
   Managemeng Board meeting in Karlskrona 2011-09-07
   Management Board meeting in Gdynia 2011-06-08
   Steering Committee meeting in Gdynia 2011-05-16
   Motorways of the Sea conferens in Aarhus, DK, 2011-04-11
   Management Board meeting in Växjö 2011-03-18
   BAC conferens in Gdansk 2011-02-04
   Kick-off event 2010-12-03
   Technical Meeting with TEN-T EA in Alvesta
   Name giving of Stena Vision & Spirit
   Baltic-Link MoS in Berlin 2010-09-16
   Opening Emmaboda-Karlskrona 2010-05-18
   Baltic-Link MoS attending BPO meeting in Gdynia 2010-05-11
   Project meeting, Gdynia 2010-05-10
   Pressrelease MoS decision
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