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The initiative to a Baltic-Link corridor was taken in 1998 within a project called SEBTrans, which was carried out within the Interreg II C EU programme.The continuation project became SebTrans Link within the European programme Interreg III. Leading up to this present Motorways of the Sea project. 
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Visit the web sites for the SEBTRANS and SEBTRANS-LINK projects to find detailed information about the aims and goals of the projects, as well as the result.
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Already in 1999 the process was started with an EU financed project within the Interreg II C programme called SEBTrans. The aim of this project was to map the situation regarding trade and person travels in the area of the Baltic Sea. The project was set out to answer the questions regarding which countries traded with each other, what products they traded with and what goods volumes this trade generated. The project also did a number of forecasts regarding this trade and goods transportation for the future. The outcome of the project was a problematic picture where the result showed a rapid growth of trade and goods transportation in the area for the future at the same time as the existing transport system in the area showed a number of bottlenecks, missing links and hinders in order to meet this expected future.


The continuation became a continuation project within the EU programme Interreg III B called SEBTrans-Link during the period 2002-2005. This project was launched in order to study and come up with technical solutions for the transport system in order to solve the earlier found problem picture. The result of this project became a number of detailed prefeasibility studies regarding the bottlenecks and hindering in the infrastructure of the Baltic-Link transport corridor, going from Gothenburg in Sweden to Gdynia in Poland with further connections through the Pan European Transport Corridor no.VI to the Adriatic Sea.


All of the above leading up to this present Baltic-Link Motorways of the Sea, Gdynia-Karlskrona project. The activities within our project consists of a new combined terminal in Alvesta, upgrading of the railway Emmaboda-Karlskrona (part of the Coast to coast line) and infrastructure investments in the Port of Karlskrona in Sweden together with investments in the Port of Gdynia in Poland. There will also be investments in a new electrification system on Stena Lines new ferries on the route Gdynia-Karlskrona within the project. These new ferries will be put into service within the project period 2010-2013 and will offer increased capacity regarding goods and freight transportation in the Baltic-Link corridor and at the same time facilitate the aim of modal shift.


The project will be co-ordinated by the Regional Council of Southern Småland as representative and member of the Baltic-Link Association. Furthermore the project will be closely followed and monitored by a Monitoring Committee consisting of representatives from the two involved members states, Sweden and Poland.

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